Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chemical castration for pedophiles

In Macedonia, there’s a law they are implementing for Pedophiles. These people who abuse children sexually will be castrated chemically but this is only for offenders who have repeated abusing. Law makers also appeal to increase more years in imprisonment up to 15 years plus the chemical castration but child protection groups think that it should remain as compulsory even in first time offenders.

The crimes concerning sexual abuse in children in Macedonia had increased to a thousand per year and only a little percent of it has been reported. Given the rate of abuse in the place I personally think that the chemical castration is a lenient punishment.

Our children must be protected from these kind horrors that may come in their life, children who are fragile and can’t even defend themselves. These pedophiles that abuse children and rob them of a happy childhood are the worst. The children should be given the right kind of justice they deserve.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Give hearts on Valentines Day

Valentine ’s Day is for everyone, it’s not just for couple’s out there who wants to date, it is supposedly for all people to experience love that’s why its symbol is a heart. Let’s not turn this day into an anti-valentine’s day for those who don’t have a partner, let them experience love through hearts.

There are dozens of heart ideas you can find on the internet and you can even do it yourself, it’s simple and cute and I'm sure the people will be given too will be delighted. You can actually make a heart cake but that can be taking a lot of work. How about making a heart cookie, dip it in chocolate and infuse your own design and captions. If it’s still too much for you and if you are good at sewing, make a Valentine’s treat bag and fill it with candies and chocolates.

If your friends wants some booze you can even make a valentines box gift package for it and be their drinking buddy. Or try infusing hearts on your salad and soups by making a heart shape carrots or let them have a hearty breakfast by making a heart shaped fried eggs. You can even make a valentine’s gift for your cat by making them a stuffed heart out of your old socks. That’s just a few but I know you are having your own idea right now out of this.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Videoke ban in Davao City

There’s a proposed Videoke ban here in Davao City where people are prohibited to use any sound systems and Videoke/Karaoke beyond 9 PM except on special occasions and festivals but the Mayor stated that the said city ordinance is still subject for hearing. He also added that it is not really necessary to get a permit just to use any sound system beyond 9PM because if you respect your neighbours, you should also know how not be a nuisance to them.

I am very thankful for this law because there are just some people who can’t even be sensitive to their neighbors who wanted to rest. I know Filipinos like to have a good time while singing with Videoke machines and sometimes the celebration and the singing last till morning.

Can you imagine what nuisance some people have been to others who are pleading for a sleep because they have a long day ahead again tomorrow? I hope the proposed law will be approved.