Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chemical castration for pedophiles

In Macedonia, there’s a law they are implementing for Pedophiles. These people who abuse children sexually will be castrated chemically but this is only for offenders who have repeated abusing. Law makers also appeal to increase more years in imprisonment up to 15 years plus the chemical castration but child protection groups think that it should remain as compulsory even in first time offenders.

The crimes concerning sexual abuse in children in Macedonia had increased to a thousand per year and only a little percent of it has been reported. Given the rate of abuse in the place I personally think that the chemical castration is a lenient punishment.

Our children must be protected from these kind horrors that may come in their life, children who are fragile and can’t even defend themselves. These pedophiles that abuse children and rob them of a happy childhood are the worst. The children should be given the right kind of justice they deserve.

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