Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Videoke ban in Davao City

There’s a proposed Videoke ban here in Davao City where people are prohibited to use any sound systems and Videoke/Karaoke beyond 9 PM except on special occasions and festivals but the Mayor stated that the said city ordinance is still subject for hearing. He also added that it is not really necessary to get a permit just to use any sound system beyond 9PM because if you respect your neighbours, you should also know how not be a nuisance to them.

I am very thankful for this law because there are just some people who can’t even be sensitive to their neighbors who wanted to rest. I know Filipinos like to have a good time while singing with Videoke machines and sometimes the celebration and the singing last till morning.

Can you imagine what nuisance some people have been to others who are pleading for a sleep because they have a long day ahead again tomorrow? I hope the proposed law will be approved.


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