Monday, June 23, 2014

Elena Gant Aka Mini-Brit Is Stepping Up Her Act

It’s hilarious and I’m guessing a brilliant publicity move for either celebrities who are sharing the limelight. Mini Brit whose show costs whole lot less than the Original Britney Spears is giving her fans a run for their money.

A lot of people are copying celebrities for as long as there have been celebrities. But it is only now that someone is competing with the original star in their own turf on their own time. The Mini Brit show is debuted her show the same night the original Britney launched hers in Planet Hollywood.

I am thinking Mini Brit’s Beacher’s Madhouse show has packed in a lot of original Britney fans who couldn’t afford tickets to the Planet Hollywood show. I mean if you’re just there to get some Britney experience and more like their “classy” act of Elephant spewing out a little person act, then Mini Brit it is.

It’s funny if you think about it. With the recession still looming around American air, this is one for the budgeting books.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tagaytay and the Bag of Beans

Bag of Beans has certainly grown into a big dining delight for old and new patrons. Their buffet breakfast has indeed captured the market due to its superb quality. The rustic ambiance is but one of those things that completes this astounding Tagaytay located restaurant.

Competing well with the innumerable restaurants in Tagaytay, this well loved restaurant has been in the operational for a long time giving Manilenos a simple weekend escape delight. Some Manilenos also plan the trip with Bag of Beans as their reason for the getaway.

Why wouldn’t you want to try their famous coffee, cakes and pastries. With oil prices at its highest a trip for their popular menu and even Lunch Buffet is worth it. The Breathtaking flavors of their coffee is fabulous with their English meat pies, something to think about when you are planning a quick getaway from the tiresome fast food meals you have been feeding yourself the whole week.

It is no wonder this delightful café has been making raves for so long. Because if you are looking for romance, originality, quaintness, adorable experience then this one is in the bag.

Monday, June 2, 2014

The popular Christmas toys for 2014

A no brainer because with the second generation computer kids Playstation 4 is in the bag. Tablets of course ruled the season last year, and now apps are leaping up the top of the lists. XBOX is also picking up some of the traffic but I believe that Sony is ruling the lists of all lists.

Now traditional toys are also competing in the techie hungry kiddos. With their Plastic dinosaurs a popular favorite, even without the Barney branding. For girls Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair by MGA Entertainment of UK also released a winner proving that kids would put down those tablets and play parlor shop with dolls.

Marvel is also leading with the Titan Hero Series toys, and I am guessing these toys are bought in pairs, one for Daddy’s collection and the other for junior’s. With the American Girl dolls catapulting to popularity last year, a lot of toy makers are following the lead and innovating accessories for these dolls. Like fashionable doll clothes, shoes and hair doll accessories, making me envious of my nieces.

They say Christmas is for kids. Then again aren’t we all kids at heart when the Holiday spirit rekindles those fires.