Monday, June 23, 2014

Elena Gant Aka Mini-Brit Is Stepping Up Her Act

It’s hilarious and I’m guessing a brilliant publicity move for either celebrities who are sharing the limelight. Mini Brit whose show costs whole lot less than the Original Britney Spears is giving her fans a run for their money.

A lot of people are copying celebrities for as long as there have been celebrities. But it is only now that someone is competing with the original star in their own turf on their own time. The Mini Brit show is debuted her show the same night the original Britney launched hers in Planet Hollywood.

I am thinking Mini Brit’s Beacher’s Madhouse show has packed in a lot of original Britney fans who couldn’t afford tickets to the Planet Hollywood show. I mean if you’re just there to get some Britney experience and more like their “classy” act of Elephant spewing out a little person act, then Mini Brit it is.

It’s funny if you think about it. With the recession still looming around American air, this is one for the budgeting books.


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